Make a point...

for better site management

Prempoint addresses major challenges experienced by commercial and utility site operators: loss of time and efficiencies, loss of property and assets, and the safety and security of your employees, service providers, and other stakeholders who visit your sites. 

By integrating with digital and IP-based access systems, like Brivo, the Prempoint app provides enhanced access control on your mobile device using proximity, presence, biometrics, and PIN.  These are the security checks that must be honored before getting access to a site and provides you with the who, when, and where of every site access event right in palm of your hand.

Commercial and utility professionals responsible for site access are “administrators” on the Prempoint platform.  Administrators can provide their “connections”, including staff, vendors, or other stakeholders, with secure access to sites via their mobile devices.  All communications between administrators and connections can take place via the app.  This communication along with every site access event are tracked in a complete audit trail that integrates with your existing business systems.



Who Needs Prempoint?

Prempoint supports the communications and access control needs of any commercial or utility operator, but is especially helpful for operators with unique access needs like:

Remote Sites
Prempoint offers significant benefits to site operators with remote access needs. No longer does a cell-tower operator have to drive long distances to meet a staff member or vendor servicing the tower. No more re-keying of locks each time a staff member or vendor turns over at your remote oil well. If a Prempoint connection finds a problem at your wind farm or solar field, you’ll receive real-time notifications via in-app messaging, photos, and videos. Now you can provide immediate direction on solving the problem from anywhere.  Most importantly, your sites are more secure knowing the who, when, and where of access.

High-Value Equipment with Numerous Personnel
In locations where high-value equipment or products are accessed by multiple types of connections like staff, retail partners, and other service providers, the Prempoint app provides administrators a real-time audit trail of access. And, if there is a high-turnover of these connections, you have the added benefit of turning access on and off at a moment’s notice, remotely, from within the app.

Personnel Safety
Prempoint provides both access information to administrators and immediate communications with their connections.  This is esspecially useful when having information about on-site presence is a safety concern, like at an energy substation, dam, chemical, or nuclear facility. Should any alarm or concern be raised, Prempoint becomes a virtual two-way intercom with real-time messaging between you and your connections on site.

Grid-Related Utility Properties
Prempoint provides utility site operators a “grid-eye” view of all their sub-stations at once. Knowing the status of these various locations in situations where there may be instability, uncontrolled separation, or cascading failures, allows for immediate communications and results in the dispatch of your connections in closest proximity to the problem.

Maintenance-Heavy or Multiple Shift Sites
The real-time management of access and communications features of Prempoint can reduce losses in productivity at manufacturing plants, logistics management sites, or other locations where an event like a missed maintenance call or a supervisor not being on site can have a snowball effect on productivity.


Commercial site operators have needs as unique and varied as the businesses they represent. Prempoint gives you the ability to customize all site-related communications and access control needs from wherever you are, on your time frame from one easy-to-use app that integrates with your existing business systems. We’re eager to help you maximize your use of Prempoint, and encourage you to contact us to see how we can support your access control, site communications, and business automation needs.