Make a point...

to simplify your community management

Prempoint makes managing your community’s work orders, service requests, and violation inspections easier.  With every feature we’ve built into the Prempoint mobile app, we’ve made it our mission to simplify community management by:


  • Giving you a single-source for effective communications
  • Providing you the highest levels of confidence that your properties are protected
  • Developing a technology that makes your work-life easier by integrating with business systems you already use

Improve Communications Within Your Community

If you know how to use Facebook or LinkedIn, using Prempoint is a snap. As a community manager or HOA exec, you are an “administrator” who can create a secure, private social network of “connections” with whom you share, manage, and monitor community business and access. Site messaging takes place within the app, reducing the need for multiple forms of communication channels like calls, texts, emails, and faxes.

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Community managers and HOA board members tell us communications with stakeholders can range from printed memos and newsletters to emails, texts, calls–even the occasional fax!  That widespread mix makes your day-to-day work life maddening.

Now there’s Prempoint.

If you know how to use Facebook or LinkedIn, using Prempoint is a snap. The important difference is that the Prempoint app is exclusive to your community. As a community manager or HOA board exec, you are the “administrator” of your Prempoint secure, private network. You invite users like service providers and homeowners–called “connections”– to your network. Using real-time messaging, photos and videos, you now manage site communications from within your network like:

  • Notifications to service providers about bids and work-order info from assignment to completion
  • Vendors’ and service providers’ arrivals, on-site movements, and departures
  • Notification of community violations and feedback on compliance
  • Events likely to disrupt community members’ lives like maintenance, outages or service changes

The Prempoint network is a single place for communications from an easy-to-use mobile app. It’s always on. It’s always available—wherever you are, whenever you need it, and always on your schedule.

Advanced Access Control For Safety

As an administrator, you decide when, where, and which connections can access your properties and sites. Through the app, you establish virtual access locations–or Points–which are linked to physical sites that require right of use. You grant connections access to these Points through the app on their mobile devices, which become their keys for one-time, occasional, or regular access.

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Better access control means a safer community. Prempoint is advancing access control technology with its patent-pending Social Access Management System that gives administrators complete control to establish, approve, and revoke access from anywhere, at any time. Simply put, this system means you have first-person knowledge of anyone who accesses your property and secured sites.

To grant access, you start by “making a point”. Every Point you create is a virtual access location linked to a physical site which requires a right of use. With the app installed on a mobile device, that device is now a “key” to your Points. That key only works for your connections who have the app, have been given authorization by you, and are in immediate proximity of a Point. No more lost keys, lost keycards, or sharing of security codes.

You can manage hundreds of Points from the app—meaning you no longer have to drop everything to meet up with a vendor or service provider. You can grant access from wherever you are for a single event—like a storm-related clean up or a one-time delivery—or for regular appointments like landscaping and pool service.

Plus, a connection’s smart device is not only a key for access, it’s real-time confirmation for you that they’ve shown up and completed the job. You can close the work order and either provide the connection access for a future service or revoke it entirely.

Enhance Operations Management

Prempoint creates access event logs, provides work-order and invoicing delivery systems, and offers many ways to integrate those daily events into existing business systems like TOPS, Caliber, CINC Systems, VMS, Jenark and others. You can easily generate detailed reports and automate backend processes using the access event data collected by Prempoint.

More Details

You’re tasked with showing HOA board members, your organization’s management, and other stakeholders how single events at your community add up to have a cumulative impact on finances and operations. Prempoint integrates with systems you already use for delivering those reports like TOPS, Caliber, CINC Systems, VMS, Jenark and others, and will automatically input single events into these systems. Examples of this automation are:

  • Service Provider’s actions at a Point are distributed to a security monitoring system
  • Homeowner violations and resolutions are passed to community management software
  • Vendor’s actions at a Point are shared with a CRM or work-flow management system

This automation reduces data entry, streamlines your work-flow and gives you the power to find greater efficiencies, saving you headaches and safeguarding your community’s budget, without having to change the way you currently do business.