Make a point...

to secure foreclosed homes

As a property preservation specialist, you want to maintain absolute security for every pre-foreclosure or REO you manage.  Your primary responsibility is to protect and preserve vacant properties: preventing unwanted intrusions and theft; minimizing “attractive nuisance” liability; and keeping the property in the best possible condition for eventual sale.

The Prempoint mobile app manages and monitors access to your properties and gives you real-time information on the who, when, and where of property access, increasing security and reducing liability significantly, and it doesn’t stop there.  Prempoint lets you create secure communication channels between field inspectors, vendors, vendor managers, and realtors.  This communication along with every property access event are tracked in a complete audit trail that integrates with your existing business systems for monitoring, reporting, and automation.

How does Prempoint work?

Prempoint users fit into one of two roles: either “administrator” or “connection.”  If you are an operations or vendor manager, or realtor, then you are an administrator. Field inspectors, vendors, and other real estate agents are connections.  You can receive immediate feedback from your connections on property issues using in-app messaging, photos, and video.

As an administrator, you control access via the Prempoint app by simply “making a point”.  Every Point you create is a virtual access location linked to your property.  You grant your connections access to these Points with the app installed on a mobile device, which makes the device a “key” for accessing bluetooth-enabled smart locks and many other connected devices.

You can manage hundreds of Points from anywhere.  This means Prempoint is now your centralized security system managed from within the app on your phone via our secure, private social network.  You can grant or revoke access for one time use or for regular scheduled appointments.  Your connection’s smart device is not only their key for access, it offers real-time confirmation of all details related to their property visits.

Say Goodbye To Traditional Keys

When a home is deemed vacant during the foreclosure process, the home is re-keyed.  This is the moment when property preservation specialists have the opportunity to establish a heightened level of security and control.  Instead of re-keying with a traditional deadbolt, re-key with a bluetooth-enabled smart lock.

Prempoint is the SECURE alternative solution to lockboxes when used in conjunction with bluetooth-enabled smart locks.  Prempoint will interact directly with a smart lock over bluetooth, eliminating the need for manual keys and lockbox technology.  Your property is more secure because: 


  • Prempoint can require that a person is on-site and physically identified before gaining access, by leveraging built-in mobile device technologies like GPS, iBeacons, and biometrics.
  • In one central communication chain called a Point, you know when a property is accessed, by whom, and when that person leaves the property.  Prempoint notifies you in real-time while documenting all property events within access logs.
  • Prempoint turns mobile devices like phones and tablets into digital keys for authorized users.  Physical keys in lockboxes often get lost or misplaced.  Using Prempoint, you grant and revoke an individual’s access to a property from anywhere giving you optimal control over the property’s security.  No more codes and no more physical keys.

Centralized Communication With Your Team

Prempoint lets you create a secure, private social network to communicate with the stakeholders critical to managing and dispositioning your pre-foreclosure and REO portfolio.  It works just like the personal and professional social networks you use every day—but is populated only with your select users, providing a next-generation layer of privacy and security we call Social Access Management.  With Prempoint you now have a central, one-stop shop for secure real-time messaging between field inspectors, vendors, vendor managers, and realtors.

Business Automation

Prempoint is an access event engine that offers many ways to integrate those events into existing business and work order systems. Through integration, you can easily compile comprehensive reports for your company and clients with the systems you already use.  This automation helps you streamline your work-flow and gives you the power to find greater efficiencies in managing your pre-foreclosure and REO portfolio.