Make a point...

to get more listings

As a realty professional –both sales and rentals– we know that you need every advantage to:

  • Distinguish yourself in a marketplace full of competitors
  • Maintain a stellar reputation to get maximum referrals
  • Improve communications and scheduling with your sellers, buyers, fellow realtors, and brokers

Prempoint will help you get more listings or better manage your rentals.  We are a secure alternative to lockboxes that uses a real-time messaging platform with Bluetooth or WiFi devices. With Prempoint, you can manage properties remotely and communicate with people at the property.  All communication and access events are stored in an audit log called the “Point Feed.”

Our app offers the most innovative and secure management of access to your properties, gives you an edge with new leads and referrals, and saves you time and frustration by reducing scheduling issues.



Lose The Lockbox

How many times have you heard a seller say “I don’t want a lockbox on my property”?  Lockboxes are yesterday’s technology.  Lockbox manufacturers who have added interactive software to lockboxes can’t fix the core problems and pains of the lockbox.  Lockboxes are unsightly.  They’re a red-flag for criminals.  And even if you’re notified when one is opened with lockbox software — the physical key inside can still be lost, copied, or passed around.

Prempoint is the SECURE alternative solution to lockboxes.  There is no key.  You remove the physical key problem and all of its related security concerns.  For each property you have listed you create a “Point” that is a virtual access location.  You now know exactly who opened the door and at what time for each Point you create.  So do your sellers, your realtor partners, and whomever you choose to give secure access to that Point.

 Safer For Sellers

When a seller lists their home, a major concern for them is not knowing when someone accesses their property.  Lockboxes can’t address this concern.  With Prempoint you eliminate the need for a lockbox by adding buyers and their realtors to a Point, meaning your sellers now know when someone has accessed their property.  And you, as the agent/broker, know the who, when, and where of access for all of your listings.

Using Prempoint in combination with a simple-to-install Bluetooth lock — or one of the many home access automation devices like Wink or SmartThings — you eliminate the need for a lockbox.  This combination gives you and your seller a complete record of the listing-related events at their home, making the property vastly more secure.

Prempoint’s secure, private social network with real-time messaging notifies you of the of who, when, and where of access.  In the security industry, it’s called transparency — which simply means you and your sellers “see it all” in real time, no matter where you are.

More Details

Prempoint is the SECURE alternative solution to lockboxes when used in conjunction with Bluetooth-enabled smart locks, home automation hubs, or other digital access devices. More and more homeowners, especially in sophisticated communities, already have one of several new technologies like Wink or SmartThings for their home automation and security. Whether working with their existing technology, or adding a Bluetooth/Prempoint combo, the app works seamlessly with these devices eliminating the need for lockboxes, keys, key cards, or access codes. Your listed property is more secure because:


  • Prempoint can require that a person is on-site and physically identified before gaining access, by leveraging built-in mobile technologies like GPS, iBeacons, and biometrics.
  • From one central communication source, you know when your property is accessed, by whom, and when that person leaves the property. Prempoint notifies you in real-time while documenting all movements within access logs.
  • Prempoint turns mobile devices like phones and tablets into digital keys for authorized users. Physical keys in lockboxes often get lost or misplaced. Using Prempoint, you grant and revoke an individual’s access to a property from anywhere giving you optimal control over the property’s security. No more codes and no more physical keys.

 Share Docs & Media

Prempoint offers you a robust private network that allows you to securely store and share the important “stuff” of every one of your listings.  You can use in-app messaging to communicate with your Prempoint connections while simultaneously showing them the features of a listing via photos, videos, and brochures.  Time to put an offer in or finalize a sale?  Keep contracts and closing documents related to that listing in the app for easy execution.  Prempoint works as your central management tool for the business of real estate.

 Automated Showings

With Prempoint, missed showings are reduced dramatically.  You get real-time, secure messaging about every property you’re selling.  And you get automated property access via digital capabilities that make lockboxes, keys, key cards, and access codes a thing of the past.  This allows you to organize a showing without being there and still maintain your personal touch.  If you do need to be there in person, changes to appointments can be communicated, tracked, and managed directly through the app.

 Trouble-Free Rentals

Anything a lockbox can do, Prempoint can do better.  Anything a keypad can do, Prempoint trumps in sophistication and security.  So if you’re a realtor who manages rental properties as well as the service providers and tenant issues that come with property management, selecting Prempoint makes your management process easier. That’s because the app offers real-time communications, premium access control, and reports to track long-term issues, service provider effectiveness, and more.