Prempoint is available for free from both the Apple iTunes and Google Play app stores.  We encourage all of our potential customers to try the free download FIRST, before making any commitment to use Prempoint in your daily business.  Give the app a whirl with one of your vendors, service providers, tenants, or homeowners.   Also, please check out our industry pages to see how Prempoint can be utilized in your specific industry.

If you have any questions about our free plan, enterprise plan, device support, or integration services please check out our Frequently Asked Questions below or contact us at

Free Plan

  • UNLIMITED connected device sharing
  • UNLIMITED photo and video sharing
  • UNLIMITED document sharing
  • UNLIMITED Premposts
  • 2 Points
  • 1 Path
  • 100 shared user actions /month
  • 1 proximity campaign

Enterprise Plan

  • UNLIMITED connected device sharing
  • UNLIMITED photo and video sharing
  • UNLIMITED document sharing
  • UNLIMITED Premposts
  • Multiple Points, quantity based on your needs
  • Multiple Paths, quantity based on your needs
  • Shared user actions /month based on your business activity
  • A choice of multiple proximity campaigns

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we upgrade to an enterprise plan at any time?

Yes, you can upgrade your plan at any time. We support the needs of various industries and business of all sizes.  So, it’s very important that we understand how your business would like to use the Prempoint app.   Contact us at so that we can learn more about you and your business needs.

Can we install the Prempoint app on any mobile device?

Yes, you can install the Prempoint app on as many mobile devices as you’d like, regardless of the plan you are on.  We do not charge our customers by mobile device installs.

What kind of connected devices does the Prempoint app support?

The Prempoint app supports a variety of Bluetooth devices and automation hubs that improve security and help make remote access management to your sites a breeze.  Most of our supported devices can be purchased directly from our hardware partners.  Our team will work directly with you to understand the right hardware solution for your business.

Our current list of supported hardware can be found here.

Can you integrate the Prempoint app into our backend business systems?

Yes, the Prempoint app is engineered to automate backend business systems with our robust access event engine.  Today, we have a variety of business partners that we work with.  Please see our partners page to learn more.  We also work with a team of specialists that can assist with custom integrations to your backend business systems.   If you’d like to discuss a custom integration or an integration with one of your business partners please contact our team at

Do service providers, vendors, tenants, or homeowners have to pay?

No, your Prempoint connections, like service providers, vendors, tenants, or homeowners, do not have to pay anything to use the Prempoint app.   They can use the free plan indefinitely to access any of your sites and residential properties.

What does UNLIMITED connected device, photo, video, and document sharing mean?

The Prempoint app allows you to create virtual access locations, or Points, and add any amount of supported connected devices, media, and/or documents to those Points.   You can then share those Points with any number of your Prempoint connections like service providers, vendors, tenants, or homeowners.  There is no limit to how many supported things you can add to your Points or how many people with whom you can share your Points.

What is a Prempost?

A Prempost is a message, alert, or advertisement that is associated with a particular area.  The Prempoint app allows users to create Premposts for everyone in their private network to view.  It’s like a Twitter feed based on proximity.   Anyone in your private network will be able to read, interact, and respond to your message when they are in the same proximity of that Prempost.  This feature can be used to crowd source jobs in a local area, alert homeowners about scheduled maintenance, or just have a fun chat session with others in your proximity.


What is a Point?

A Point is a virtual access location linked to a physical site which requires a right of use.   Each Point can be associated with any number of connected devices, media, and/or documents.

What is a Path?

A Path is created when an administrator groups Points together for ease of management.  For example, when you share Points with your Prempoint connections, you can group them into a Path and share the Path once rather than sharing each Point individually.

What are shared user actions?
Each Point has its own private social feed for communicating with your connections and remotely monitoring their activity at that site. Any connection you share a Point with is called a “shared user”.   When a Prempoint connection accesses your Point, their activity at the Point is called a “shared user action”.  For example, if a connection unlocks a door at the Point that is considered a single shared user action. Other types of shared user actions would include, but not limited to, light on, garage open, door locked, document downloaded, and comment posted.
What is a proximity campaign?

A proximity campaign is an automated Prempost that is associated to a Point.  Administrators can set up a proximity campaign using the Prempoint Web Console.  You can access and login to the Prempoint Web Console here.