Make a point…

to simplify your access management

Prempoint® is the most comprehensive and easy to use messaging, access control, and business automation tool available for real estate and property management professionals.

The Prempoint App

 Take a walk with us around the app and learn about the product features that make Prempoint one of a kind!

The Basics

Prempoint was designed to resemble apps you use everyday. It is a highly-sophisticated messaging, access control, and business automation software product. But sophistication doesn’t mean complicated or difficult. Our app instantly feels familiar and provides a comfortable user experience.

Just like most apps, you create a profile with an email and password of your choice. Add info like your address, phone, and photo to make your profile easier to share and for other users to find you. Then you’re ready to do things like:

  • Create a virtual access location, or Point, which is as easy as setting a pick-up location for an Uber or Lyft ride.
  • Add connections to your Prempoint network, which works much like connecting with someone on LinkedIn or Facebook.
  • Authorize which connections have access to a Point you created. This is similar to using a private group or event on a social network.  Now you and your shared connections can communicate about that Point within the app.
  • Add private and secure things to your Points like notes, devices, media, and documents.

These are the basics. Create Points for residential properties and commercial sites, invite your contacts to become Prempoint connections, then authorize which connections can access those Points and you’re on your way to maximizing your use of the app.


Points are virtual access locations that are linked to physical sites that require a right of use.   In the app they are represented by map pins.  When you create a Point, that is “your” point.  When someone shares a point with you, that is a “shared” point.  When you subscribe to a point, that is a “subscribed” point.  The map pins will animate to different sizes based on how close you are.  Points that are within 100 feet will be large, while Points that are out to 2 miles will be small.

Discover Points

The Discover page is the home page of the app and it’s your bird’s eye view of your Points.  Each Point in your proximity is marked by a map pin, much like when you do a search for a Starbucks or Chipotles in your area via your maps application.  You can view the Discover page in satellite, hybrid, or road view, whichever you prefer.  From the Discover page, you can access your list of Points, add more Points, see your notifications, or reach out to one of your Prempoint connections.

Create A Point

To create a Point that is linked to a residential property or commercial site, you start by tapping “Create” on the Discover page.  You can choose your current location, manually enter an address, or drag and drop a map marker.  This will bring up the Add Point page where you can set the name of your Point, categorize your Point as a foreclosure, work order, or community violation, add things like notes, devices, media, and documents, configure security requirements, and decide which of your Prempoint connections will have access.

Share Devices

Prempoint supports a variety of devices that you can add to a Point and share secure access with your Prempoint connections.  These devices range from Bluetooth door locks and padlocks to home automation hubs from Wink and Samsung SmartThings.  Here is our current list of supported hardware.

Configure Security Access

Prempoint provides enhanced access control on your mobile device using proximity, presence, biometrics, and PIN.  These are the security requirements that can be configured to control access to your Points and gives you real-time information on the who, when, and where of property and site access.

Message Privately

Every Point you create has a private, secure social feed –we call it the Point Feed– for communicating in real-time with your Prempoint connections that are on site.   The Point Feed is a complete audit trail of all the activity, messaging, and access events that occur at your Point.  Your connections can use the Point Feed to access notes, devices, media, and documents, chat about a property for sale, post photos and videos showing work completed, and upload invoice images for approval and processing.  All of your communication and monitoring can be done remotely, anytime, anywhere.

Subscribe To Points

Every Point you create comes with a unique URL.  Just like you have a URL for a web page, now you have a URL for each of your Points.  Your Prempoint connections can easily subscribe and be granted access to your Points by simply clicking on the unique URL of that Point.  You can copy and paste this URL into any web page or social networking site.   For example, if you’re a realtor and you want to advertise your Point in your MLS listing for other realtors to show and access your property, just copy and paste…it’s that easy!

Group Your Points

Individual Points can be grouped together into what we call a Path.  Paths allow for better administration.  For example, when you share Points with your Prempoint connections, you can group them into a Path and share the Path once rather than sharing each Point individually.  And, just like Points, every Path has it’s own unique URL that you can copy and paste into any web page or social networking site.

Advertise To Your Proximity

Prempoint allows you to message all of your Prempoint connections that are in your area.   We call these proximity messages or advertisements Premposts.  It’s like a Twitter feed based on proximity.   Anyone in your private network will be able to read, interact, and respond to your message when they are in the same proximity of that Prempost.  This can be used to crowd source jobs in a local area, alert homeowners about scheduled maintenance, or just have a fun chat session with others in your proximity.

Web Management And Reporting

Prempoint provides you with a desktop web console so that you can view the activity stats of all your Points and Paths.   You’ll be able to see how many times a Point has been viewed or visited, along with the total amount of access events that have occurred at that Point.  If you want to see your activity stats for a group of Points, just create a Path and add those Points to it.   The desktop web console also allows you to create Prempost campaigns out to the proximity of any Point you own.  Login to the Prempoint Web Console.

Prempoint For Your Industry

Whether you are a community manager, site operator, realtor, or property preservation specialist, we got you covered.  Learn more on how Prempoint can benefit your specific industry.