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Can we install the Prempoint app on any mobile device?

Yes, you can install the Prempoint app on as many mobile devices as you’d like, regardless of the plan you are on. We do not charge our customers by mobile device installs.

What kind of smart devices does Prempoint support?

Prempoint supports a variety of Bluetooth devices and automation hubs that improve security and help make remote access management to your properties a breeze.  Our current list of supported hardware can be found here.

Can you integrate Prempoint into our backend business systems?

Yes, the Prempoint mobile software platform is engineered to automate backend business systems with our robust access event engine. Today, we have a variety of business partners that we work with. Please see our partners page to learn more. We also work with a team of specialists that can assist with custom integrations to your backend business systems. If you’d like to discuss a custom integration or an integration with one of your business partners please contact our team at

Do service providers, vendors, residents, or homeowners have to pay?

No, your Prempoint network, like service providers, vendors, residents, or homeowners, do not have to pay anything to use Prempoint. They can use the free plan indefinitely to access any of your residential properties.

What is an Entry Point?

Entry Points are interactive digital keys for controlling and monitoring access to a Unit or property. You can grant access by assigning users or by sharing a simple Web URL. Set access controls like geofencing, biometrics, and day of week schedules. And, every Entry Point has its own activity feed, which allows for real-time communication.

What is SmartSync?

SmartSync is a technology developed by Prempoint that allows you to manage fobs remotely. You can add fobs to Unit locks while sitting in the leasing office and they’ll get synchronized onto the Unit locks by the residents!

Please read the Getting Started with SmartSync guide for more information.