Make a point…

to simplify your access management

Prempoint® is the most comprehensive and easy to use messaging, access control, and business automation tool available for real estate and property management professionals.


Create a secure, private social network for sharing, managing, and monitoring property and site access. Site messaging takes place within the app, reducing the need for calls, texts, emails, and faxes.

Access Control

Create virtual access locations–or Points–which are linked to physical sites that require a right of use. Grant and secure access to these Points using the app, turning mobile devices into “digital keys”.


Prempoint is an access event engine.  The platform generates access event logs for easy integration into existing business systems. Don’t change the way you do business, just automate it with Prempoint.

Whether you manage residential communities, individual real estate properties, commercial sites, or utility operations, Prempoint makes site and access management easier and more secure.






Patent 14/842,922: Published

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