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Make managing your vacation rental property faster and easier with our remote keypad locking system. Easily grant and remove access to your property between guests by changing the key code.

Great for Airbnb and VRBO.

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Improve security and eliminate rekeying costs

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Remotely change passcode after guests check out

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Track arrival and departure times

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Create access time-windows for guests and staff

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Manage multiple rental locations and locks from the same dashboard

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Great for AirBnb & VRBO

A straight-forward process

How it works

  • Easily install your smart lock without having to hire a professional team
  • Generate a passcode to your vacation rental directly in the Prempoint App and share with your guests through the Airbnb app, VRBO, or a text message
  • Receive a notification when guests check in using their mobile phone
  • When your guests are set to depart, pre-set their check out date which will automatically remove access
  • Create temporary access for your cleaners and other vendors
  • Manage access remotely and don't worry about driving to the property or handling physical keys

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Secured access through Prempoint App

Gain peace of mind for your vacation rental with our secure app, only providing authorized access to those that need it.

Lock and unlock with Bluetooth

Don't worry about physical keys or rekeying. Easily manage access with our Bluetooth app.

Temporary access schedules

Provide temporary access to cleaners, vendors, and other guests whenever you need it.

Quick one-touch locking

No fob or key necessary - simply tap the lock icon on the Smart Lock for a fast, secure exit.

Open door sensors

Get a sounded alert if your door is left ajar and not shut completely.

Low battery alarm

Get an alert on your phone and on the lock itself when it needs new batteries.

Tampering and invalid passcode alarms

Be alerted if your lock is being tampered with or if an invalid passcode has been used in quick succession.

Emergency backup power port

In the event that you can't change the batteries on your lock, the backup USB-C port can quickly power the lock.

Access management in seconds

Create temporary access for guests and vendors

Running a vacation rental is a lot of work. With so many guests and vendors requiring access, managing access can be tricky. Our app integrates with your keypad deadbolt, so you can provide and remove access in seconds.

Guest & visitor access

Depending on how long your guests are staying, you have two different options with our keypad smart locks. You can provide a passcode and then change the code on their depature date or you can provide mobile access to the property for the duration of their stay.

Vendor access

With cleaning crews, maintenance crews, or other vendors, temporary access makes it easy for you to get them in and out quickly. Simply discuss the time-frame that they need, input it into the app, and forget it.

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Keyless entry for vacation rentals versus traditional lock and key

Traditional locks and keys can be a hassle for vacation rentals, often requiring frequent visits to the property. Manage your property remotely and securely with an easy-to-use smart lock system. Our app gives you all of the access management that you need to successfully run a vacation rental business.

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Stop replacing lost keys

Don't worry about guests keeping or misplacing keys. By using a changeable keypad combination, you can remotely change the access of your vacation rental home, saving you time and money.

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Manage your property remotely

Get all of the information that you need about your property's access management in one, easy-to-use app. See arrival times, manage access, grant temporary access for vendors, and more.

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Create access schedules for cleaning crews and vendors

Allow your vendors and cleaning crews to access your property for temporary periods of time, and see their arrival and departure times.

Remotely change access code after guests check out

When guests check out from your property, simply change the entry keycode on your app and know that your property is secure. When your cleaning crew and vendors are ready to prepare for your next guests, remotely grant them temporary access. No driving or in-person changes required at all.

Track arrival times of your guests

Get notified when someone has entered your property, allowing you to properly communicate with your guests and set up your vendors' schedules to create a smooth, seamless transition between stays.

Manage multiple rental properties from the same dashboard

Whether you manage two rentals or a couple dozen, our app and locks are infinitely scalable to your needs. View, manage, and change access to multiple locks quickly and easily within one powerful app.

Vacation rental lock frequently asked questions

What is the best lock for an Airbnb or VRBO?

A smart lock with a key pad and remote access management is the best lock for an Airbnb, VRBO, or other vacation rental. A smart lock allows you to manage access to your property remotely, saving you time, money, and energy. Instead of driving to the property to change locks, simply change access via an app on your phone.

How do smart locks work?

Smart locks are the most common lock type for Airbnb and VRBO vacation rentals. They grant property owners the freedom of remotely monitoring their properties through apps. The apps often allow the owners to manage access, change keycodes, and receive information about when the lock opens.

What is a keyless door lock?

A keyless door lock is typically a keypad lock or other form of smart lock. As a vacation rental owner or manager, it helps to not have to worry about physical keys that can easily be lost.

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