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Many companies agree our software platform optimizes their hardware and software solutions, providing anytime, remote access control for property managers and real estate agents. Our growing list of partners includes:

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Hardware Providers

We work with industry stalwarts like Schlage®, Master Lock®, and emerging superstars like Cyprexx Services—providers of Bluetooth door locks, smart keys and key fobs.

Software Providers

Prempoint is designed for automation and integration. That’s why we partner so well with business systems like ShowMojo for leasing automation, and we’re ready to integrate with your software, too. Integration can be completed in a matter of weeks, so we invite you to join us and see how adding Prempoint to your offerings can boost your software sales.

Product Manufacturers

The Internet of Things keeps growing. Car locks, light switches and bulbs, security systems, garages and other home and commercial equipment are now connected. Through integration, Prempoint will support the remote access control benefits of IoT devices like these in a matter of weeks. If a device has an on-off switch, Prempoint can give it next-generation mobile security. If you’re a product manufacturer looking to boost sales and make your connected products more secure, get to know Prempoint today.

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