Over the past year we have been heads down designing and developing an app called, Prempoint.  The concept for this app has evolved tremendously since the first day we etched this idea on Google Docs back in early 2013.  Yup, napkins are over rated : )  The original idea centered around property management and monitoring vendor activity, which is still a core use case for the application.  But, it was our vision that matured over time.  We saw that there were numerous use cases for this app far beyond property management, for both consumers and enterprises.  We saw major gaps in existing social applications like Facebook and Foursquare.   And more importantly, we didn’t ignore the blatant trends in privacy, security and the explosion of networked devices.  So, we created a private social network that is context aware, proximity-based, and includes a patent pending security model (application# 62096990) for sharing secure access to localized content and networked devices.

Prempoint is the Social Network for the Internet of Things (IoT).  Our mission is simple, we just want to create a cool app that people can use as we approach the next wave of computing.   An app where you can privately share secure access to content and any device. We know our vision is tall and the road will be long.   But, the time is now.

In March 2015 we are launching a beta program in order to get feedback and help with testing the app.    This is a great opportunity to be a part of our team, win some prizes and play with cutting edge technology.  Come help us shape the next wave of computing.  Learn more about our beta program here.