The next wave of computing is unfolding at an exponential rate! More and more aspects of our lives are being connected online everyday, but with it come challenges around security and privacy. Prempoint is helping to solve those challenges with an exciting and innovative new mobile app entering beta that will help shape this next wave of computing by bringing users together on “The Social Network for the Internet of Things” in a way that’s simple, secure, and fun.

The Internet certainly isn’t just for checking email anymore, and social networking is stretching far beyond socializing on something like Facebook. In fact, now common household items are becoming connected online like security systems, televisions, and appliances, with more and more being added every day. The recently announced mobile app, Prempoint, is aimed at shaping this next wave of computing in a way that secures access to your connected things with a familiar, fun, and easy to use social interface. The South Florida based company is describing Prempoint as “The Social Network for the Internet of Things”, and the excitement surrounding the app is tremendous.

“This is a project that we are extremely passionate about.  It has the potential to change the way people view social networking; viewing it as a tool for managing their connected things,” says Matthew Hartley, CEO and co-founder of Prempoint Inc. “Prempoint allows users to privately secure the people, places, and things in their world in a way that’s familiar and intuitive. We’re looking forward to working with beta users to see their thoughts and experiences with Prempoint so that when we launch publicly, we’ll exceed all expectations.”

According to the company, some examples of how Prempoint can be used include: coordinate work with a technician giving them automated access to your home for a limited time period, while monitoring and chatting with them from afar using Prempoint’s social feed; create public postings for things like yard sales or other local offerings; create private events for things like music concerts or meetups where attendees can gain access to premium content and chat using Prempoint’s social feed; and much, much more.

Prempoint is currently accepting beta users.

For more information be sure to visit us at prempoint.com.

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